Very quick post featuring two of what we think are the best innovations this year in terms of road safety for all; cyclists, pedestrians, equestrians etc.

MovoBright and TubeBright are made in the UK by Ahead Solutions. Both feature a beautifully crafted 360 degrees reflector which is made from soft flexible 3M reflective material (the best that money can buy).

If you are on the road at any point this autumn / winter (which we suspect you will be check these new high visibility safety products out at www.movobright.co.uk.

Airhead Helmet liner - What is it?
Airhead Helmet insert / liner is a new solution that fits inside your helmet in seconds that increases ventilation inside your protective compressive safety/crash helmet.

Airhead creates a safe physical separation between your hair and scalp and your helmet's lining. This helps stop hot head, itch, irritability and therefore distraction and 'helmet hair'.

How does it Airhead work?
Airhead increases the air ventilation inside of your helmet. This reduces perspiration that is unable to evaporate and avoids hair being matted flat to your head.
It has the effect of reducing sweat and itchiness of the scalp and/or head. It also creates air space for the hair. In other words, you can ride comfortably and safely and just as importantly look great upon arrival!
How long does it take to fit?
Here is the kicker. This product takes a few seconds to fit or remove. There are no special attachments, velcrose or clips. It just pushes in and pulls out and it holds itself in place. See the video below for a 21 second installation guide.


Price and verdict
This has got to be one of the best helmet innovations since,,, well the helmet itself. We tried this after a little scepticism - admittedly,
But it's actually very cool, especially as it makes tired helmet linings feel brand new and the extra cooling sensation is so refreshing - especially when the sun comes out.
...Oh yeah...and ladies it also keeps your hair nice too!

We think that £16.50 is an investment given that the Airhead protects your helmet and feels great too. It also stops the need to sanitize as often. Convenient. Bargain!

Manufacturers Features List

*  ADVANCED DESIGN composite construction
*  ROAD TESTED patented technology
*  EASY installation within seconds, no adhesives or velcro required
*  UNIVERSAL FITTING spring action - one size fits all helmets & styles
*  PROTECTIVE will not damage helmet lining
*  SUPER SOFT silicone outer, non-allergenic, anti-static & anti-bacterial
*  WASHABLE washing machine and dishwasher safe
*  HYGIENIC improves helmet hygiene
*  ANTI-PERSPRANT Increases helmet ventilation and reduces perspiration
*  SNUG FITTING improves the fit of older / tired / worn helmet linings
*  COMFORTABLE Feels good to wear and increases the comfort of the helmet
*  SUITABLE for all hair types and no hair types
*  VERSATILE Great for all helmets, motorcycle, snowboard / skiing etc
*  PERSONALISATION Looks great as internal helmet art

Where Can You Buy Airhead Helmet Insert?

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Identity wristband could save your life
A young runner's father was visited by Police - they had their hats off. They explained that their son had been involved in a terrible accident where a car had ploughed into a small group of runners.

Miraculously the man's son had survived though was left critically injured. One of the other runners hadn't been lucky and the Police wondered if the man might be able to help by identifying him. His phone couldn't help; it had been obliterated in the impact.

Eager to help help police identify his son's co-runner the man grabbed his coat and went with police to the hospital. When asked if he was ready he slowly replied "yes". The sheet was removed from the young dead man's face. The father of the 'survivor' fell to the floor - for it was his own son that had been killed.
It is a terrible tragic story with dire circumstances and one where, if there is any learning whatsoever that can be taken from the horrendous event, it has to be that there is reassurance in old fashioned ways of doing things. Like carrying our Vital ID in an analogue 'unbreakable' format.

As we have seen doing so could protect us and if not certainly those who we love and who love us. Many of us rely far too heavily on modern technology to store our emergency ID and the contact numbers of our next of kin.

Vital ID Identity Wristbands are inexpensive an yet can save lives and confusion.

It's no secret that we market Airhead Cool Spray for helmet wearers wishing to use a professional grade scalp coolant to keep their heads cool.  But when we were recently asked by a support organisation if our product was suitable for those who wear wigs we replied "sure".

There was a caveat however, we added we felt that since a wig is likely to be worn for longer sustained durations (without removal) than a safety helmet, more frequent reapplication of Airhead Cool Spray would be imminently necessary. We felt obliged to highlight the time constraint of our topically applied scalp coolant as all Ahead Solutions products carry our product guarantee,

The support organisation fed this back to their members. The wig wearers were persistent in their pursuit of a cure for scalp overheating and placed several orders, agreeing to provide feedback to us about the suitability of Airhead Cool Spray for wig wearers.

They were impressed and here's what they had to say: -

"[...] My wig is natural hair and when my head gets warm and sweaty, my wig's style goes limp. Airhead Cool Spray has been like a breath of fresh air. It helps me keep a cool head, reduces sweating. My style holds longer and I feel more confident. [...]"
M Newbury, Exeter

"I have tried gel bands, baby powder, nets and some unmentionable things to keep my head cool whilst wearing my wig. Nothing worked like Airhead Scalp Cool Spray. THANK YOU. I am an advocate for life."
T. Threlfall, Burnley

"This product is truly excellent. I would stretch to say it's changed my life."
Miss B, Rugby

"The wigs I wear have to be lightweight synthetic due to the open base, I didn't think this would have such a big impact but I was totally wrong, it makes so much difference. It's really, really cool."
Bibi, Nelson, Lancashire

"Thank you so much for this amazing solution - it has made my life a bit more bearable[...]"
Sue B, Northampton

Wear a wig and want to cool down your scalp whilst wearing?

We've arranged a special price for those who wear a wig and want to try Airhead Scalp Cool Spray 'for size'.
Tightly fitted compressive safety helmets can cause a type of hair loss called traction allopecia. Traction alopecia is a helmet hair loss that usually progressively worsens until the root cause of the 'traction' is removed.

Safety helmets
need to be worn tightly in order to do their job, but it is this tightness and close fitting to the scalp that are the root cause of traction alopecia problem. This is because the lining of the safety helmet - with its constant movement and rubbing against localised areas of the scalp, together with the lining fibres tugging at hair gradually pull hair follicles from their rightful rooted place.

Frequent wearers of such helmets or those who use  helmets for sustained periods of time are more likely to suffer from helmet related hair loss.

How to Stop Helmet Hair Loss

There are two ways to stop helmet related hair loss. The first you will probably not like and the other is a way to cure the problem. 

There are two ways to stop helmet hair loss (traction alopecia)

1) Remove the helmet - the source of traction, rubbing and tugging form the scalp. (I said you wouldn't like this solution!)
2) Use a solution designed to combat helmet hair loss that contains scalp
vasodilators such as Menthogen.

How does Menthogen Spray Stop Helmet Hair Loss?

The vasodilators in Menthogen encourage a fresh, healthy blood supply to the localised balding area/s. The promotion of this nutritious 'food' helps to i) strengthen the follicle, ii) promote new growth in the area iii) eliminate itch and irritation commonly associated with localised hair fall through helmet use.

What Products are Available for Helmet Hair Loss

Menthogen is the only anti-pruritic product range which has been especially formulated for helmet wearers.
Menthogen's qualities and results are unrivalled - this is why Menthogen is used by bikers, cyclists, skiers and snowboardeds that suffer from helmet hair loss across the globe.

They have learned about the theraputic effects of Menthogen -a product that has been unchanged since it was created over a decade ago.

Menthogen Shampoo
Menthogen Shampoo helps to maximise the effect of Menthogen spray so it is highly recommended to use the products in 'tandem' with each other. Menthogen shampoo is a premium quality shampoo. It is a zero irritancy surfactant which cleanses the hair and scalp gently but effectively without removing the lipid barrier (which protects the scalp from infection). The difference is noticeable.

Menthogen shampoo is highly effective | very gentle | organic preservatives. It contains no synthetic colours.

Where Can I Buy Menthogen?

Menthogen products for helmet hair loss and scalp itch and irritation can be purchased from www.menthogen.co.uk
We'll be attending the 2012 Cycle Show at the Birmingham NEC on 27th - 30th September 2012 as Ahead Solutions on Stand B12.
We'll be showcasing our brands:
Menthogen Anti-Pruritics to Stop Scalp Itch for Helmets
Airhead Helmet Cool Spray for Helmet Wearers
Flash Kinetics - Hi Viz 3D Safety Accessories
Vital ID Range of ID Safety Products - Wristbands
And we're delighted to be using Touchpro Media for all our exhibition touch screen equipment hire.

More later...! :)

Here's a great new site we came across recently; PreownedCycles.co.uk a safe and secure place to leave your bike,,, should you want to sell or swap it. 

We like the idea of like minded people offering and swapping their previously loved cycles to each other. Saves needing to deal with potentially unscrupulous charaters so often found on the aution sites.

As well as providing a great space for buying, swapping and selling your ex-rides, you can interact with others in the cycle forums. One of our faves is the 'My first bike' section - great idea. Very nostalgic. Say hello to Jeremy from us.

More chances to win Airhead for those too scroogy to buy it. Just hop over to the new UK Biker Web Site Competition page. In fact one lucky winner will also win a Vital ID Helmet ID System shown here on the image to the left and in the packaging beneath this post "ooooooooooooohhhh!".

We’ve got our 5 randomly chosen winners!

1. Karl J
2. Adam Ed.
3. Jean-Philippe C.
4. Kathleen H.
5. Chris Mcf.

They all received their emails requesting address to send the Airhead Cool Sprays to. Congrats to our winners and thank you for all your entries!

Delighted is not the word! We're Uber excited to have Her Motorcycle on board with an affiliate page of their own. This means that over 4000 keen followers of Her Motorcycle's outstanding US forum for women motorcyclists will have access to great products at special rates.

You can check out our latest affiliate 's page at