It's no secret that we market Airhead Cool Spray for helmet wearers wishing to use a professional grade scalp coolant to keep their heads cool.  But when we were recently asked by a support organisation if our product was suitable for those who wear wigs we replied "sure".

There was a caveat however, we added we felt that since a wig is likely to be worn for longer sustained durations (without removal) than a safety helmet, more frequent reapplication of Airhead Cool Spray would be imminently necessary. We felt obliged to highlight the time constraint of our topically applied scalp coolant as all Ahead Solutions products carry our product guarantee,

The support organisation fed this back to their members. The wig wearers were persistent in their pursuit of a cure for scalp overheating and placed several orders, agreeing to provide feedback to us about the suitability of Airhead Cool Spray for wig wearers.

They were impressed and here's what they had to say: -

"[...] My wig is natural hair and when my head gets warm and sweaty, my wig's style goes limp. Airhead Cool Spray has been like a breath of fresh air. It helps me keep a cool head, reduces sweating. My style holds longer and I feel more confident. [...]"
M Newbury, Exeter

"I have tried gel bands, baby powder, nets and some unmentionable things to keep my head cool whilst wearing my wig. Nothing worked like Airhead Scalp Cool Spray. THANK YOU. I am an advocate for life."
T. Threlfall, Burnley

"This product is truly excellent. I would stretch to say it's changed my life."
Miss B, Rugby

"The wigs I wear have to be lightweight synthetic due to the open base, I didn't think this would have such a big impact but I was totally wrong, it makes so much difference. It's really, really cool."
Bibi, Nelson, Lancashire

"Thank you so much for this amazing solution - it has made my life a bit more bearable[...]"
Sue B, Northampton

Wear a wig and want to cool down your scalp whilst wearing?

We've arranged a special price for those who wear a wig and want to try Airhead Scalp Cool Spray 'for size'.


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This was a really interesting read and it's useful to know how to cool down your scalp!


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