Airhead Helmet liner - What is it?
Airhead Helmet insert / liner is a new solution that fits inside your helmet in seconds that increases ventilation inside your protective compressive safety/crash helmet.

Airhead creates a safe physical separation between your hair and scalp and your helmet's lining. This helps stop hot head, itch, irritability and therefore distraction and 'helmet hair'.

How does it Airhead work?
Airhead increases the air ventilation inside of your helmet. This reduces perspiration that is unable to evaporate and avoids hair being matted flat to your head.
It has the effect of reducing sweat and itchiness of the scalp and/or head. It also creates air space for the hair. In other words, you can ride comfortably and safely and just as importantly look great upon arrival!
How long does it take to fit?
Here is the kicker. This product takes a few seconds to fit or remove. There are no special attachments, velcrose or clips. It just pushes in and pulls out and it holds itself in place. See the video below for a 21 second installation guide.


Price and verdict
This has got to be one of the best helmet innovations since,,, well the helmet itself. We tried this after a little scepticism - admittedly,
But it's actually very cool, especially as it makes tired helmet linings feel brand new and the extra cooling sensation is so refreshing - especially when the sun comes out.
...Oh yeah...and ladies it also keeps your hair nice too!

We think that £16.50 is an investment given that the Airhead protects your helmet and feels great too. It also stops the need to sanitize as often. Convenient. Bargain!

Manufacturers Features List

*  ADVANCED DESIGN composite construction
*  ROAD TESTED patented technology
*  EASY installation within seconds, no adhesives or velcro required
*  UNIVERSAL FITTING spring action - one size fits all helmets & styles
*  PROTECTIVE will not damage helmet lining
*  SUPER SOFT silicone outer, non-allergenic, anti-static & anti-bacterial
*  WASHABLE washing machine and dishwasher safe
*  HYGIENIC improves helmet hygiene
*  ANTI-PERSPRANT Increases helmet ventilation and reduces perspiration
*  SNUG FITTING improves the fit of older / tired / worn helmet linings
*  COMFORTABLE Feels good to wear and increases the comfort of the helmet
*  SUITABLE for all hair types and no hair types
*  VERSATILE Great for all helmets, motorcycle, snowboard / skiing etc
*  PERSONALISATION Looks great as internal helmet art

Where Can You Buy Airhead Helmet Insert?

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Craig Summers
25/07/2012 07:38

I have one of these. Excellent product.

Donna J
25/08/2012 17:43

Really pleased with my airhead Thanx. It's made my old helmet feel new again. Also provides more ventilation and my itchy scalp has but stopped since I added it.

29/11/2012 01:08

I agree - it's great. But here's a tip - make sure your helmet isn't too tight! It needs a bit of give in there to fit nicely and not place pressure on my noggin. I use it in my older 'worn in' helmet and it's perfect.


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